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The Bockus International Society of Gastroenterology was founded by associates, students and friends of the late Henry Bockus, one of the foremost gastroenterologists of the 20th century, who practiced, taught and researched in Philadelphia. Bockus International has continued the tradition incorporating members from clinical and academic quarters who, although may not have worked directly under Henry Bockus, kept a link with the original mentor through the senior members of the Society. Today, Bockus International is a proud society of professional sharing a common interest in digestive diseases, both from a clinical and research standpoint, throughout the world. The objectives of the society are to foster the knowledge and advancement of our discipline. We organize annual meetings at which original material is presented, provide research awards to fund and stimulate research in Gastroenterology, and also support Special Lectures at major international events. Bockus International is open to membership by application from interested professionals who are sponsored by active members of the Society. We encourage all interested to follow the appropriate procedure and join us.



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